Introducing Prime Studios, the Firm Behind the 3D Rendering of Exosonic’s Supersonic Jet That Could be the Next Air Force One

Reimagining the supersonic jet with 3D Rendering

When the California startup, Exosonic, was generating interest by the U.S. Air Force to begin developing a low-boom supersonic presidential and executive airlift concept in 2020, one of the earliest additions to their team was not a member of the aerospace industry, but a 3D storytelling firm: Prime Studios.

The reason? Because 3D storytelling—from renderings, to virtual tours, to virtual reality experiences—is fast becoming a critical element in obtaining client and investor buy-in and enthusiasm for new products, especially one using brand-new technology while reimagining the supersonic jet industry.

“Exosonic, Inc. principal interior designer Stephanie Chahan brought us to her team at an early stage of their supersonic presidential and executive airlift development,” says Sean Moallem, director of production at Prime Studios. “This gave us the opportunity to explore and experiment with Exosonic’s creative direction, bringing their design concepts to life as 3D renderings together with a virtual reality experience.”

Indeed, Prime Studios’ renderings of the jet have already generated excitement from many, such as CNN’s glimpse inside their newly designed interior cabin.

Featuring private suites for both work and sleep, secure video teleconferencing, a main cabin with 20 seats, two galleys, and two lavatories—not to mention the high-end luxury fittings—Prime Studios’ rendering of the Exosonic jet allows viewers to take a virtual tour of the aircraft, which will include as-yet-unavailable technologies.

In addition to the interior cabin rendering, Prime Studios provided:

● 3D image renders of the Exosonic aircraft for media support, investor confidence, and customer buy-in
● A 3D virtual tour of the exterior aircraft in flight, as well as interior cabin space as both a website experience and for use in VR headset platforms
● A content management system for the storing, managing, and distribution of Exosonic’s digital assets

The plane’s range is 5,000 nautical miles, and will carry passengers at twice the speed of sound. “Low-boom” means that the plane can travel at supersonic speeds, yet without creating disruptive “booms” for those on the ground.

Prime Studios, which has been creating 3D renderings and modeling for more than 10 years, offers a wide range of 3D modeling, rendering, visual effects, and virtual reality services including:

● Product development and visualization
● 3D prototyping
● Concept development
● 3D animation
● CAD/CAM translation
● Stereoscopic 3D development
● Augmented and virtual reality development
● Motion capture and animation
● Video clean-up

Prime Studios is trusted by industry-leading brands across the globe, from Fortune 100 companies such as Boeing, Swarovski, and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp., to National Grid and Christie. For more information, visit